Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Friends Woulda Killed Me!

I dodged a bullet yesterday. I was assigned the duty of buying the Star Wars tickets for our local midnight showing (yeah, yeah, I'm a geek). So Monday I call one of the local theaters. The girl says, "I'm sorry, we have it on three screens here and they're all sold out." My stomach dropped. I had seen Episodes 1 and 2 in at midnight shows and the prospect of missing Episode 3's was mildly depressing. Add to that the fact that I was supposed to buy tickets for my brother Aaron and our friend Randy. I was sure they were going to kill me. Fortunately, the movie girl wasn't finished.

"We might get it on a fourth screen," she said, "but we won't know for a few days." So I pester the movie folks for a few days, and yesterday they say they got the fourth screen, but I needed to hurry and buy the tickets. So I zoom across town, and along the way I find out I actually need to buy two more tickets for some of our other friends. That means another stop at the ATM. So a few wreckless driving moments later I get to the theater and procure five tickets for me and my friends. Mission accomplished. And my friends need not be the they read my blog...

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