Friday, September 17, 2004

Watch Out for Snow Patrol!!

A friend recently turned me on to a great band called Snow Patrol. I bought their CD 'Final Straw' a couple of days ago and I've been listening to it constantly since then. There are some great tracks on there, and I think this band is going to make some noise in the US (they're from Ireland). Check out their website here. I'm going to rate the tracks on a five star system: no stars=nausea inducing; 1 star=skip it and get to the good tracks; 2 stars=not painful, but not that fun either; 3 stars=enjoyable; 4 stars=very good songs; 5 stars=songs that move me.

How to Be Dead: ***1/2
Wow: ***
Gleaming Auction: ***1/2
Whatever's Left: ***
Spitting Games: *****
Chocolate: *****
Run: ****
Grazed Knees: ***
Ways & Means: **
Tiny Little Fractures: ***
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking: ***
Same: *****

As you can see, the CD is worth buying. If you're a fan of a lot of the music coming from the British Isles these days, I highly recommend it.


Johnny-Dee said...

I'm a huge fan of British music, yet I find myself out of the loop and don't find out about good bands until after everyone else knows them. I appreciate the heads up. I'll definitely check out the band.

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