Thursday, September 23, 2004

How to Name a Bar

A bar called 'Banana Joe's Island Party' recently opened in my hometown. My reaction was: whatever. I'm not a bar kind of guy. The interesting part is this: Next door another bar opens. This one's called 'Pineapple Tom's Peninsula Bash'. My brother and I thought that was pretty humorous so we decided that we would name our own (fictitious) bar on that model, and I thought it might be fun if everyone who visits this blog would contribute a bar name on the fruit/person's name/geographical phenomenon/festive event model. Ours was: "Cumquat Moishe's Isthmus Cotillion." Now everyone must participate or else I'll feel ridiculous.


Kevin Paul Tracy said...

"Carambola Kevin's Atoll Rave"

I was born on Guam and we used to get fresh carambola, or star fruit, all the time, ten times better than the one's shipped to your local gorcery store here in the states.

And no, they aren't just for garnishes. Eat them, they taste like a cross between grapes and a pear.

Kevin Tracy

Olen said...

Orange Olen's Obsidian Orgy

Kiwi Kurt's Kettle Hole Karnival

Johnny-Dee said...

"Cantaloupe John's Archipelago Rave"

Anonymous said...

The 13th Step (for all those falling off the wagon).

chris said...

"Coconut Carl's Porch Cookout"

"Macapuno Bob's Rice Field Luau"

I actually work at Pineapple Tom's. Haha, good work!

Anonymous said...

"Raspberry Bob's Landslide Hoe-Down"

Anonymous said...

Tomato Tom's Tittilating Tea-time

the madness said...

"Ugly Fruit Hershel's Glacier Bay Crusade"

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