Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is How the Semester Ends . . .

I took my OT History Books test today. That means that I officially have one more year to go at Covenant Theological Seminary. I'm gearing up for a busy summer, so pray for us!

The To Do List:

1. Get a good writing sample ready
2. Take the GRE
3. Find three people to be references for me
4. Write VFO webcomic with Rex Queems
5. Make some rent money somehow

And finally . . .

6. Actually be there when, y'know, my wife has our fourth child

OK, so six things doesn't sound that big, but most of these aren't 'one-off' type things. I'll keep everyone posted.


Josh said...

Congrats man! I just graduated today and said a fond farewell to ol' UNCG. The wife and I are coming to St. Louis for a visit next week (I gotta speak to some of the faculty there and Steph has gotta interview for a job). Hope to see you guys there!

Joshua Duncan said...

I definitely want to see you guys. Send me a message on Facebook and we'll exchange contact info.

Rex Queems said...

Yes, VFO! Awesome stuff!