Monday, May 25, 2009

Attention: All of My Devoted Fan

And yes, I left 'fan' singular on purpose. All I do, I do for comedy.

Anyway, I added a new feature to the blog. Anyone who loves me should 'follow' my blog by clicking on the little widget on the right of the screen. After you do so, you will receive your 'Joshua Duncan' decoder ring and t-shirt in 8-10 epochs. Absolute proof of identity is required, so don't use a pseudonym, unless I already know you by said pseudonym.

Again, if you TRULY care for me, follow my blog and forward this message to ten friends.

Absentmindedly yours,

Anonymous, aka 'Josh'


Rex Queems said...

all your fan are belong to me!

Joshua Duncan said...

Then click on my 'follow' link, dangit!

Rex Queems said...

I did, but there was a bunch of other thingees to do and I didn't have time. I also didn't like something other than yahoo having my password. Am I overreacting?

Joshua Duncan said...


Rex Queems said...

I'm following you now. You walk slowly...and keep making those squeeky sounds with your teeth.