Saturday, January 17, 2009

PCA Churches in MFA Towns

One of the factors we need to consider in choosing an MFA is how we like the location, and a big part of that depends on what kind of churches the community has. We've been in the PCA for a couple of years now, so if I could find a good one in the MFA program's community that would be a big plus. Here's how they stack up.

1. UT-Austin-Austin has five PCA churches: CrossPointe, All Saints, Redeemer, Christ the King, and Choongmanhan. Lots of choice there.
2. Syracuse-No PCA presence. A friend told me that there is an OPC presence, but we probably don't want to move in a more conservative direction.
3. Purdue-Two Cities serves Lafayette and West Lafayette.
4. Indiana-No PCA presence in Bloomington. I may do some research to see if any of the PCA churches are within driving distance.
5. Notre Dame-Michiana Covenant Church is in South Bend
6. Alabama-Trinity and Riverwood serve Tuscaloosa
7. UNC-Greensboro-Friendly Hills, Summer Oaks, Spring Garden.
8. Ohio State-Grace Central Presbyterian Mission is in Columbus.
9. Florida-Gainesville has Faith Presbyterian and Christ Community
10. Penn State-Found nothing in College Park, but again I don't know what towns are within driving distance.
11. Wisconsin-Lake Trails and Madison Sah-Lang
12. Minnesota-No PCA churches in Minneapolis/St. Paul
13. Illinois All Souls in Champaign-Urbana
14. Iowa-One Ancient Hope Mission Church

Of course, even if the town has a PCA church/churches that tells us nothing about the vitality of that/those church(es). That will take a bit more research, and may be best left for a time after I get accepted to one of these programs. If I get accepted.


Todd Gwennap said...

Bloomington has Church of the Good Shepherd, a Reformed non-denom pastored by Tim Bayly, a PCA TE. For what it's worth.

Joshua Duncan said...

Thanks Todd.

Joshua Duncan said...

OK, so I didn't get the joke before talking to Todd this morning. I'm probably NOT going to visit Bayly's church . . .

samuel said...

What's wrong with Bayly?

Plus, would you consider a Reformd Baptist church?

Joshua Duncan said...

Bayly is a little too caustic. Some of the guys on his blog called for disciplining Covenant College professors for supporting Obama. He has been critical of Covenant Seminary, and since I agree with my professors here on a number of issues I don't think I would share Bayly's perspective.

And I would consider attending a Reformed Baptist church, depending on the church.

Anonymous said...

You'll get accepted in the program God desires you to be a part of. I am beyond confident in your ability and supremely confident in our God. Write long and well m friend.

Rex Queems (the phony)

Mimi Duncan said...

I vote for #8.