Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Lazy Logician No More?

When I first started this blog I wanted to choose a name that reflected my personality and goals. At the time my desire was to be a philosopher in the analytic tradition, so technical precision and formal logic meant a great deal to me (they still do, but my trajectory is now toward the ministry, be it in a seminary or the pastorate). I chose the term 'logician' to reflect my philosophical aspirations.

I called my blog, and by extention myself, 'The Lazy Logician'. In that title I emphasized a rather unpleasant trait of mine: laziness. I referred to this blog's title as 'my scarlet letter' because it drew attention to something I wanted to change about myself. I suppose I was trying to use it as motivation, but it didn't work.

I have found that the only thing that can motivate me out of my laziness is Christ. Only God and His Word have proven sufficient to make me deny myself and do what must be done. I have known for many years that I represent Christ in everything I do, but only recently has that truth begun to sink in. I had fallen prey to one of the dangers of being raised in a Christian environment: my ears had been dulled by hearing the same truths over and over. I had not allowed them to impact my life.

By the grace of God all this is changing (and just in time for seminary!). Pray for me that this progress will continue. Since these changes are taking place, I have decided to change the title of this blog. I hope everyone who has linked me will update their blogrolls to reflect this change, but my blogging has been so spotty I doubt many people stop by anymore.

Regardless, here are some candidates for a new blog title:

1. Only and Good: Exercises in Glorifying God- 'Only and Good' referring, of course, to God. He is the only God, and He is a Good God.

2. A Puritan Path: Reformed, Always Reforming- This expresses my hope for my life as a Christian. As I've begun reading the Puritans I've been astounded by their devotion to living a holy life before God and through His power, all the while coupling it with deep, sound theology.

3. Joy and Slavery: Life in Christ- This one couples two concepts many would find difficult to reconcile. For the Christian, however, being a slave to Christ is essential for joy.

Right now I'm leaning toward 'Joy and Slavery', though I may change the subtitle a bit. I like 'A Puritan Path' but it might cause people to think I'll constantly be analyzing Puritan literature. I hope to do a lot of that, but that's not all I will be doing.

So here you have it; my own miniature blog revolution. The Lazy Logician will soon be dead, only to be replaced by a new blog with (hopefully) new motivation. I hope to post a worthwhile essay of at least 500 words every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. June promises to be my most prolific blogging month ever.

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