Thursday, September 08, 2005

Back From Vacation

I suppose I should've posted something about this before going on vacation, but I was off of work last week. I took the liberty of vacationing from blogging as well. I had a pretty good week, even though we didn't go anywhere. In fact, it's quite possible that I had a good week because we didn't go anywhere. Heck, I even gave the lawn a good mow/trim/edge and stripped the wax off the kitchen floor. If you know me, you know that's generally not my idea of a good time, but somehow I enjoyed it.

The best part of vacationing at home is that it is a vacation in the truest sense. No stress, no long trip, no financial crunch. I could just relax with my family and enjoy a job-free week. Plus, I avoided the need for a "post-vacation vacation." How many times have you taken a vacation trip only to be more exhausted when you return? Give me the comforts of home over some scorching hot beach anytime.

We also celebrated my son Max's 3rd birthday on Saturday (his actual birthday was Sunday). The party was great, and it was a joy to watch his face as he opened his presents. He got a lightsaber for his birthday, and since he already had one we can now engage in lightsaber duels. He and my brother-in-law Brad, who is a fellow Star Wars fan, were dueling out in the front yard during the party. The best part was when Max used his "force powers" on Brad. He stuck his hand out and "pushed" Brad down several times during the duel.

Another welcome pleasure is the beginning of the semester at Tri-State Bible College. This is my last year as an undergrad! By this time next year I will be a degreed individual. I might post on my grad school prospects after lunch.

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