Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Reading + Raising the Bar for Biblical Studies=the everlasting covenant

I met a lot of cool people in seminary, but one of the coolest was definitely Chris Morgan. We had a lot of fun getting to know him, his wife Michelle, and their kids while we lived in St. Louis. I was thrilled when I found out he started a blog because that meant I could regularly hear from a friend I miss.

As it turns out, Chris's blog--called the everlasting covenant--serves a two-fold purpose. First, it will allow Chris to share his learning with the rest of us, and believe me, Chris is a sharp and careful thinker. There's plenty to share.

Second, it will help Chris and Michelle prepare for their future. All that learning and careful thinking Chris did in seminary lead him to three different opportunities for PhD work in Biblical Studies. That's exciting, but Chris and Michelle are facing some financial hurdles. The blog, along with the rest of Chris's website, will serve as their on-line 'home base' for fundraising.

I know Chris will do excellent work as a Biblical scholar and I want him to be able to take advantage of the opportunities God has given him. We need evangelical voices in Biblical studies, so go to his website, find out more about him, and pray. Pray to see if God wants you to support Chris and Michelle, but most of all just pray that God will buoy the Morgans up during an uncertain time in their lives.


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