Monday, July 06, 2009

Two Gross-Out Haikus

Here are two Gross-Out Haikus stemming from the same incident. I'm thinking of making these a significant part of my writing sample.

Finn's oranges, juice
and pizza revolt, dripping
down in my pocket

My Steeler's T-Shirt
Piled high with half-gnawed foodstuffs
The Superbowl one


Rex Queems said...

I like it when any poetry refers to not only puking, but the substance of the puke and the receptacle of said puke.

Joshua Duncan said...

I am a poet of the people.

Rex Queems said...

This isn't a webcomic, but follow the link to the web page. I think the concept is really neat.

Joshua Duncan said...

agree that it is a cool concept.