Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Writer Sticks His Neck Out

I done did it.  I entered me a contest.  The Missouri Writer's Guild Hottest Flash Fiction Contest (TMWGHFFC) ended at midnight this morning, and I just got in under the gun.  I think.  I mean, I'm pretty sure, but I haven't gotten an e-mail confirmation or anything.  Honestly, I'll be surprised if I win anything because I wrote the story over the last two days, but who knows?  Maybe I'll win.  I'm hoping for at least an 'honorable mention.'  They'll post the winners in a few days, I think, so I'll keep you posted.

The story is called "Keep Thinking, Keep Moving" by the way.  It's about a college professor who just retired and his prospects for life in the future.  All under 1000 words!  I'm ready to call it a masterpiece, but it's past midnight and I need sleepy.  So 'masterpiece' is probably excessive.

One thing I'm interested to hear is how people perceive work I did in a 'flash.'  As I stated in a post this summer, I think the some of the criticisms I received for my work at the Trinity Arts Conference were due to overwriting.  I kept going back and adding more detail.  It bogged my story down.  That certainly didn't happen with "Keep Thinking, Keep Moving."  There wasn't time.  I think I might try to read it tomorrow morning and post my opinion of it once I have a little distance from it.  


samuel said...

Jolly good. If you want other people's unprofessional eyes on it, I volunteer.

Joshua Duncan said...

Unprofessional eyes are the best kind. I'll send it to you. Just promise me one thing: if you think it stinks don't think of me as 'the guy who writes crappy stories.'

How can I get it to you? I don't think I have your e-mail addy.

samuel said...

Let's do the who thing over the comments section.

Not really.

On the sidebar at my blog is an "e-mail me" feature. And a hug waiting for you there.

I'm excited. About the story.

OK, and the hug.