Monday, September 29, 2008

The Agony of Defeat

Those of you who follow Marshall sports will know that this weekend's high hopes were dashed.  Marshall played a miserable game, WVU got some offense going, and that was that.  27-3, WVU.

That is all.


samuel said...

If it makes you feel any better, even us WVU fans have a hard time enjoying this game, even a win. I call it the "Everything-to-lose-and-nothing-to-gain Bowl."

I think they should play it, but there's nothing good about it for West Virginia (Univ.). If you win, big deal, but if you lose, it's calamitous.

It makes me nervous because, sometime, Marshall is going to win it, and that is not going to be good, esp if it derails a national championship bid (no worries this year, of course).

So take heart, I am merely relieved, far from exultant.

Maybe that's condescending. If so, then that's at least somethign to take away from this worrysome game.

Joshua Duncan said...

Yeah, I understand that it does more for Marshall than WVU, but that's fine with me. Suprised? WVU didn't play a great game, they just didn't shoot themselves in the foot as often as we did.

Noel looked reeeeally good on a couple of those runs where he reversed field. Ah, well. Next year in Huntington!!