Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Brief Exchange

Max:  "Why was Jesus as bright as the sun?"

Me:  "Because he had the glory of God all around him."

Max:  "Eyebrows are made of hair."

The End.


Todd Gwennap said...

Thanks for that, Josh. Jenn and I got a good laugh.

stephy said...

ha ha! AWESOME.

Scott said...

You are raising a philosopher!

grantbond said...

funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember my password for Google, so this is Michelle Morgan. I thought I would comment on this since I have shared this exchange with some other friends...and to tell you what Nathanael's prayer was. "Thank you God for my food...and that you give us everything we need...(silence)...and thank you that I have vocal chords. amen" All in a very serious tone. Another classic.