Monday, July 14, 2008

Sketches: Faces, etc.

This batch of drawings represent what I typically draw.  I draw faces, often profiles, and I draw monsters.  There are other more complex drawings as well, but no other comics.  The 'elder' picture is actually much larger than the other pictures, and I think the whole thing would look better if I could figure out how to put a border on these pics, but this will do for now.

Buck-Toothed Monster


 Elegant Woman

Tae Kwon Do Joe
I was trying to use different arm and hand positions here.

So that's all for this round of my sketches.  I have plenty more, so check back often.  If you want to see scribbly, mediocre drawing, that is.


Joe Fincham said...

I'm suing for copyright infringement. There can be only one Tae Kwon Do Joe!

Joshua Duncan said...

It's hard to argue with that. I actually thought of you when I wrote that title, so you have a pretty good case.

Are you in Australia now? What are your plans for the fall? I'm going to (finally) try and e-mail you soon.